Immigration VISA

A. Basic immigration formalities

1. Family-sponsored or employment-based immigration, such as in your home country, automatic entry to receive an immigrant visa from the embassy in Washington, the permanent residency application.
2. Permanent resident spouse or unmarried children under the age of or over the age of 21 (2A) and unmarried children (2B) immigration can be invited, but 21, opened the doors of the immigrant can apply for.
3. Permanent residency after 5 years or citizen of marriage and three years can apply for citizenship, and the rear Citizens invited immediate family, parents, brothers married can also, immediate family members, except the doors of immigration quotas opened the immigration application can.

B. People do not have a family ointment?

Non-family invited people do not have a family in the United States ointment should be considered, such as marriage employment-based immigration immigration investment immigration immigration lottery

C. Immigration formalities before coming those who want to?

U.S. immigration doctor should first get a visa in order and it proved to be, Invited third parties immigration or applying for a job that I apply for immigration outright wrong, and hope it is not my immigration doctor degree. After my immigration application to the issue of intent is difficult for a non-immigrant visa. Before that accept non-immigrant visa to enter the United States to come on before applying my immigration and therefore, to apply for permanent residence after entry of the United States, if yeohaengjeung can be used instead of the visa

D. Have a visit visa in person?

1. After coming to the United States, the purpose of the visit, the button changes to and suitable for the purpose of any other change to a long-stay visa.
2. Button changes to various doctors during stay or through a spouse or immigration applications in a variety of ways, set forth on this page may be.

E. The case of international students?

1. Of H-1B seupesal T transition into the profession, usually a four-year college graduation Optional Practical Training are given a one-year employment period, the sponsor receives from the employer and can apply for permanent resident status. 
2. Of course, a single case of a marriage can be anytime.

F. If religious officials?

1. Take 1 visa  when entering the country from R- 2 years of experience in conditions jolt to apply for permanent resident status,
2. If you change the R-1 change of status in the United States from time to time will have to wait two years. 

G. If the E visa?

1. No Business Message to continue to maintain the residence of maturity.
2. Spouse can also be employed 
3. You or your children to go to a public school, but the problem 
4. That is directly connected to the application for permanent residence, immigrant investor outside.
5. Often try to consider your qualifications or career, your spouse's employment-based immigration, qualifications or experience to facilitate.

H. In the case of the L visa?

1. Spouse may be chwieopreul
2. Offices in the United States, founded in the United States, when the other conditions are not fit, it is not difficult to ten thousand
3. Employment-based immigration.

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